Toby Doeden Bio

Toby Doeden took over the reins of Aberdeen Chrysler as the general manager in 2011. His longstanding commitment to the company’s success was realized through several promotions after joining the company in February 1997. After being hired as a sales consultant, Toby quickly rose through the company as captiva manager, sales manager and eventually general sales manager, where he served for five years prior to taking over as GM.

In his position, Toby oversees every aspect of the company and strives to keep Aberdeen Chrysler the market leader in Aberdeen and northeast South Dakota, while maintaining a high level of customer and employee satisfaction. Toby operates on a daily basis under Aberdeen Chrysler’s philosophy of customer enthusiasm, employee satisfaction, financial performance, marketing effectiveness, and on-going improvement.

When asked what his favorite part of Aberdeen Chrysler is, he said there are way too many to list, but he narrowed it down to the overall daily challenge of trying to find ways to improve the overall performance of the company. He also enjoys getting the opportunity to train and mentor a large group of people to help them achieve their professional goals within the organization.

Prior to joining Aberdeen Chrysler, Toby and his wife, Elizabeth, was partners with his parents in a paint and home décor business.

Outside of work, Toby enjoys going to his kids’ extracurricular events or just about any sporting event. Toby is also an advisor for the high school church youth league.

Toby and Elizabeth have four kids: Jackson (21), Josie (20), Jennie (17) and Johnny (16).