Our History

Mission Statement: “To be so effective that we are able to be helpful to others.”
Rydell Automotive Group
Aberdeen Chrysler is a proud member of the Rydell Automotive Group. Rydell is the largest group of dealers in the Unites States whose stores are individually owned and operate under a common philosophy.

Rydell Chevrolet was founded by Leonard Rydell. Leonard got into the car business in the 1940s in Montgomery, Minnesota, and strongly held many business and personal philosophies that served him well. These philosophies, which became known as ” Leonardisms ,” guide the daily practices and personal decisions of every dealership in the Rydell Group.

In 1976, Leonard sold the business to his son, Wes. Under Wes’ leadership, Rydell Chevrolet converted to the “one price, no hassle” pricing policy that is still in place today.

At Aberdeen Chrysler Center, we refer to it as the ” Best Price ,” which is the market-based price that has already been pre-negotiated for our customers.

In 1980, Leonard and Wes helped one of their managers purchase a dealership in Mandan, North Dakota. Their intent was to help that manager eventually own the dealership outright. This was the first instance in what became a common practice with many other managers. The idea behind it is to have the right people, when they are ready, take over dealerships within the group.

The Rydell Group has since grown to over 75 dealerships in 12 states. Aberdeen Chrysler Center proudly remains a member to this day.

Aberdeen Chrysler Center and the Pre-Owned Auto Mall
Aberdeen Chrysler Center officially become part of the Rydell Group in 1988 and became a ” Best Price ” store in 1992 – a practice that we proudly operate under to this day. Owner Toby Doeden has continued to keep the ” Best Price ” practice in place because they believe our customers should know they are getting the best price right up front and in writing.

Under Toby’s leadership, Aberdeen Chrysler has grown into one of the highest-volume Chrysler dealers in the nation.

The Pre-Owned Auto Mall and Value Lot opened its doors in August 2007. Together they house a daily inventory of over 250 local trade-ins, including over 50 under $5,000. The Auto Mall and Value Lot each have their own dedicated management and staff whose lone focus is to get their customers into the right vehicle that fits their needs.

On average, Aberdeen Chrysler Center employs about 105 people throughout all of our departments. Consistent with the philosophies of the Rydell Group, we have installed a long-standing tradition of promoting from within.

All of our management positions are filled with individuals who started in entry-level positions. We believe this practice ensures that we have the best, most-knowledgeable people in leadership roles ready to assist our customers at the dealership and it has proven successful as our dealership and management staff have received numerous accolades and awards for our high level of customer satisfaction.

In 2019 alone, we sold vehicles to customers in over 750 cities, in 30 states across the United States.

Every decision made at Aberdeen Chrysler is made with our philosophies in mind:

  1. Customer Enthusiasm
  2. Employee Satisfaction
  3. Financial Performance
  4. Market Effectiveness
  5. Ongoing Improvements

We also hold our Company Values in high regard and believe they bring success to our business and the personal lives of our employees:

  1. Honesty & Integrity
  2. Individual Responsibility & Accountability
  3. Unconditional Dedication to Excellence
  4. Cooperation & Communication
  5. Our People
  6. Ongoing Improvement
  7. Being Good Community Citizens

If you’re one of our valued customers, we thank you for your continued loyalty in helping build Aberdeen Chrysler into a regional automotive leader. If you haven’t yet done business with us, we look forward to the opportunity to earn your business. Give us a call today at 866-959-0520 or click here to contact us online. See ya soon!