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The 2017 Chrysler Pacifica is available today at Aberdeen Chrysler. This means the Pacifica is also available to families throughout South and North Dakota, especially in the Ellendale, Bismarck, and Watertown areas. Why? Well, these are all of the areas that our dealership serves. Now, you may be wondering how a single dealership can help so many drivers throughout such a large area to acquire the new vehicles, and specifically the new 2017 Pacifica minivans, that they need. The answer is a fairly simple one, however. At Aberdeen Chrysler, we work hard to keep our vehicle inventory fully stocked with the models that you need when you need them. In other words, when you drive to our dealership from Bismarck, Ellendale, or Watertown, for instance, you will be repaid for your efforts by finding the vehicle you want in stock when you arrive. To learn more about our inventory of Chrysler Pacifica minivans or the geographic areas of North and South Dakota that we serve, contact us today!

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Driving a 2017 Pacifica in North & South Dakota

Living in the plains lands of and Black Hills of North and South Dakota, you know how drivers in this region confront a variety of changing weather conditions throughout the year. In the wintertime, for example, we can see everything from deep and persistent snowfall to icy roads and howling winds. Driving in such conditions is challenging enough, but with your family in the car, it makes it twice as worrisome. Thankfully, the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica is designed with advanced traction control to keep you firmly on the road regardless of how fierce the winter weather might be. Moreover, this minivan also has sufficient torque to handle towing your boat or snowmobiles for a family outing or to ascend steep roads when you enter the mountainous areas of our region. Also, given how spread out places like Bismarck, Watertown, and Ellendale are from one another, it helps to have a fuel-efficient vehicle is you travel often. Not only does the new Chrysler Pacifica make good use of fuel, but there is also a hybrid version of this minivan available. To get a full sense of the performance capabilities of the Pacifica and how this minivan will perform in our local driving conditions, test drive the vehicle at Aberdeen Chrysler.

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Benefits of Pacifica Features for North & South Dakota Drivers

How often have you been driving in your car with the air conditioning on when the person in the passenger's seat beside you or the rear seats behind you starts complaining that it's too cold? Well, no longer will you have to endure those types of battles over the interior temperature of your vehicle because the 2017 Pacifica has dual-zone climate control. Thus, everyone can get their preferred temperature settings simultaneously. Moreover, if your children tend to get bored on long road trips or even short jaunts to school in the morning, the available technologies in the Pacifica minivan will prove beneficial to you. Touchscreen monitors embedded in the backs of the front seats not only provide rear passengers with a source of entertainment, but the screens are preloaded with games that have educational value. And when your child accidentally spills his bag of popcorn on the rear seats, the available vacuum built into the trunk of the Pacifica can clean up the mess in seconds.

2017 Chrysler Pacifica Exterior Side View in Ellendale, ND

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Basically, the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica has features and capabilities that solve both your general everyday needs as well as those specific needs related to driving conditions in places like Ellendale, Watertown, and Bismarck. Because our dealership has such an extensive selection of new Pacifica minivans in stock, however, drivers throughout North and South Dakota can visit us to buy or lease this vehicle today. We also have an array of Chrysler financing options that are suitable for families in many different financial situations. Come see us at Aberdeen Chrysler today to experience the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica!

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